When it comes to thievery in this day and age where cameras are ever-present, you would think that criminals would try and get smart about their methods. Well, it turns out that isn't always the case.

In this embarrassing CCTV video shared by a local business in Borger, a team of 3 thieves attempt and fail to steal two power saws.

The video starts with a thief dashing out of the store, pushing a basket holding two power saws. Soon after, a store employee and a customer rush into the scene chasing the thief. The thief then makes his way into a parked car where a getaway driver is waiting. But as the thief enters the vehicle, additional store employees promptly arrive, eventually prying open the car door and retrieving the stolen saws.

Following the retrieval of the saws from the vehicle, a growing number of employees and customers came to the scene. The store employees confronted the driver of the car, leading to what looked like a heated exchange of words. But before the situation could escalate, the Borger Police arrived on the scene, bringing the video to a conclusion.

According to the poster of the video, the suspects were arrested shortly after by Borger Police.

Although it should already be common sense, let me reiterate an already-known fact. Most stores are well-equipped with high-quality security cameras that can and will, snuff out any suspected thieves. Add that to the fact that stores are also equipped with sensors at every exit, and you've got yourself a pretty rough time stealing. So be sure to remember next time you think about stealing expensive gear, that it will not be an easy endeavor.

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