Let's face it wine has been around since the beginning of time.  Back in the day, that seems to be all that people drank.  Nowadays people drink their wine for enjoyment.  Well did you know that wine is good for other things than enjoyment?     Well here's the top 5 reasons to drink wine.

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Good for your Heart

When drank in moderation, studies have show that red wine, is healthy for your heart.  The antioxidants in red wine help prevent heart disease

Wine is Good for Your Memory

Well it's not good for your memory after you have drank an entire bottle by yourself.  Aparently brain function declines faster in non-wine drinkers than it does for wine drinkers.

Better than a Boyfriend

Wine won't let you down.  It might make you feel sick the next day, but it is always there for you to pick you up when you're feeling down.

One Glass Can Give you the Benefits of One Hour at the Gym

Who needs a gym, just break open a bottle of wine.  Apparently there is a compound in red wine call resveratrol, and because of that it gives your body some of the benefits of going to the gym.  Now you can drink wine and not have to sweat.

Wine Makes Food Taste Better

Did you ever wonder why there are charts and websites devoted to wine and food pairings.  Well the right wine can make your food taste event better.

Speaking of making food taste better, it makes desserts taste delicious.  So mark your calendars for the Wine Down and Dessert Wars on Thursday, November 5th at the Amarillo Civic Center.  You get to sample different wines from area wineries and enjoy delicious desserts.