This is not the way the cookie is supposed to crumble.

Some goons broke into a garage in Monroe, Washington last weekend and destroyed $2,500 worth of Girl Scout cookies.

All told, the bandits ruined 51 of the 52 cases being stored away. It seems they may have been looking for money, but didn’t find any. In addition to the cookies, a telescope and some tools were also destroyed. And for good measure, the suspects poured paint and oil all over the place.

Resident Dee Brown, a “cookie mom” for a pair of Girl Scout troops, called the incident “heartbreaking,” while her daughter, Kyra – who had sold about 300 of the boxes – tried to keep it all in perspective by saying, “It’s just cookies.”

There is a silver lining to this latest cookie crime. The Girl Scouts has pledged to replace the boxes. Police, meanwhile, say they are on the lookout for three teenagers Brown saw running away from the scene. No word on whether one of them was sporting an old-timey bank robber mask and red cap.

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