Can we just call 2020 a wash? I mean people are already looking forward to the year 2021 kicking off. Are you one of them? Just think that when it does it will be about that time. Girl Scout Cookie Season.

I was a Girl Scout growing up. So was my daughter. Selling cookies is a big deal. It is the girls way of raising money to go to camp. Oh how my daughter loved the camps. So in order to help me out with the payment she sold cookies.She would go with her troop to Market Street United or Academy to help to raise money. You know the ones I am talking about.

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Those Thin Mints, the Caramel Delights, ooh the peanut butter patties. So many cookies so little time. In 2020 the Girl Scouts announced a new flavor for the 2021 season. This next year they will have the Toast-Yays. What exactly are these cookies we speak of?

They look and taste like miniature pieces of French toast dipped in icing. Is this going to be a new reason to be able to have cookies for breakfast? They look pretty good I can't lie.

credit: Girl Scout USA
credit: Girl Scout USA

So we are not quite sure how Girl Scout Cookie season is going to look right now. Are they going to be able to hit up their parent's friends for sales? Will we all be back in the office to do that? Will they be able to set up a table outside of Bubba's 33? Will the restaurants be open more than 50%?

So many questions already. They will definitely be for sale online. So don't you worry. You will be able to support your favorite Girl Scout and get your cookie fix on. Oh and don't forget to try this new flavor.

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