I just discovered last week that The Golden Light was looking to add a new location in Amarillo. How that is music to everyone's ears. They have their original location on Sixth Street. What a great place.

The news was announced that South Amarillo needs to get in on the fun. A closer location to them. When I first heard the news I wondered--because it was called a beer and wine garden--what that meant about their food. Will there still be all those great burgers they are known for?

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The answer is what we were all waiting for. Oh, and the answer is good news. Yes, they will have food. Yes, they will have their burgers. Yes, they are making Amarillo pretty dang happy.

The next big question is how long do we have to wait to get Golden Light in South Amarillo. Well it seems that the answer is: not: long at all. We will have the new place opening up this weekend. How fantastic is that?

The grand opening date is this Saturday. Like, in just a few days. Can you believe it? You can get the full Golden Light experience at two locations now. They still have their original at 2906 6th Ave. We will also have the new place at 6014 S Western. This has been fantastic news because they are not dragging this out.

This is happening this weekend. Who is ready? So you have a choice now. What a good choice it really turns out to be. Burgers, beer and wine for everyone.

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