Growing up in the Texas Panhandle, you got to experience some really great restaurants.  Restaurants that were hometown owned and delicious.

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Today we are going to look back at the restaurants we loved as kids in Hereford.  You may ask why Hereford?  Well, if you didn't know I grew up in Hereford so this is an easy one for me.

Juanita's Express Burritos

Lori Crofford

Juanita's was a little hut on 25 Mile Avenue in Hereford.  They had the best burritos.  It was the place to race to on your high school lunch break.  The combination with sour cream was the greatest burrito ever and the brisket was a close second.  Also let's talk about their Dr Pepper.  I don't know what they did with their Dr Pepper, but it was the best Dr Pepper ever.  They opened back up in a different location a few years ago, so it was nostalgic to have a burrito, but sadly it's gone.

Pizza Mill and Sub Factory

Google Maps
Google Maps

This pizza place was the stuff dreams are made of, and ironically we very rarely ordered pizza from them.  They had the best sub sandwiches.   The #16 was the best.  It was an Italian sandwich, and I'm not sure what they put in the dressing they drenched the sandwich in, but it was the best ever.  Now when it came to pizza, the Garbage Barge was the way to go.  Plus, just a random thing on their menu that was the best thing ever was their Broccoli Bites, fried broccoli and cheese balls.   If you miss the Pizza Mill, I hear there is one in Alamogordo, NM and also Hobbs, NM.

Troy's Sweet Shop

For decades Troy's was the staple for donuts in Hereford.  In fact, they were the  anywhere.   After Troy passed away, the family kept the place open for a little while, but when it finally closed it was a very sad day in Hereford.  There will never be a donut, like Troy's donut.  Plus, the thumbprint cookies were little pillows of heaven.


Google Maps
Google Maps

I kind of want to include this, but at the same time, the restaurant it still there, but it is called Parson's.  K-Bob's was run by the Parson family for decades, and at some point, they dropped the K-Bob's and went with the family name.  In the early years, they used to bring hot fresh blueberry muffins to the table.  They were the best.     I just have one last thing to say, the salad wagon, with that giant block of cheese. If you know, you know. 

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