DALLAS, TEXAS - Drug busts are nothing new. Sometimes it's a suspect with drugs inside of a vehicle and they're transporting them. Other times we hear about these infamous "crack houses" where the entire operation is based out of there.

I don't believe though we've ever heard of one location being a crack house multiple times. Normally when a place is raided and busted, it becomes abandoned and somewhere new is established for the operation.

There's a house in Dallas though that just keeps getting occupied and used for the same thing though, and it's amazing to me why they keep going there. Police in Dallas are already aware that this particular house is a popular location for drugs.

So popular that they had already raided this particular location EIGHT different times. Well, make it nine.

Talk about a coordinated attack on a place they seem to know very well. They cover the back and front of the house leaving no way out. Both doors are ripped off and completely shred that particular portion of the house, especially in the back.

All the windows are shattered for easy access, but they never seem like they're in a panic or trying to figure out how to get in there. Once inside, they know exactly where to go and check. I mean, they've got the blueprint on exactly how the house is setup and where suspects could be hiding.

When it's all said and done, they come out with three suspects. Police say in the video that as they barged in the front door, the suspects made a run to the back where the police already had already been positioned and ran right into them.

So what is it about this house that these drug dealers keep going back there for? I mean, even the cops in the video said the second someone moves into that house, neighbors are calling the narcotics unit because they're convinced the people moving in are drug dealers.

With a history like that, it's going to be instantly thrown into surveillance.

Not to mention the damage that gets caused every time they raid the home. That was NOT a small amount of damage the police caused trying to get in the home. Think about how much that has to cost to repair, just to have them show up and do the same thing every time.

My guess is these suspects will have plenty of time to think about it as they sit in jail.

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