The Texas Attorney General's Office has found a new way to punish parents who are behind on child support payments.

Later this year,  those who have not paid their child support for 6 months or longer will have their vehicle registration renewal blocked. The policy stands now that The Attorney General's Office can already revoke driver's, professional or personal licenses.

"The goal, obviously, is not to keep people form working or getting to work, but it is to gain compliance with court orders and to get support and money to children," -

Shared Janece Rolfe from the Child Support Division.

The measure will apple to vehicle registrations up for renewal in December, 2016. Parents that are behind in payments can expect to start running in to trouble this September, at the three-month renewal notice.

The state of Texas has collected more than $3.869 billion dollars in child support dollars in the last year which is the most in U.S. history in the last 9 years.

Read more about the new law here.

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