I always thought a plane crashing onto the highway I was driving on was merely an irrational fear of mine. Unfortunately, it’s totally justified after watching this video.

At around 10:45 last Saturday morning (October 2), a plane that was being used for the Texas Rice Festival Parade in Winnie clipped a street light and then smashed through a traffic light before crashing down on the highway in front of oncoming traffic.

NBC DFW is reporting that the pilot opted to fly back to the airport rather than get towed after the parade, which led to the incident.

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When I first saw the video, I seriously thought I had just watched the last moments of someone's life. But miraculously, the pilot was unharmed. However, he did go to a nearby hospital to get checked out by a doctor out of an abundance of caution. No was else was reportedly injured in the crash.

If you’re like me you’re wondering exactly why anyone would allow an airplane to use a highway as a runway to takeoff – especially when there is traffic on the highway. I mean, it’s not like this is a farm-to-market road in the middle of the country. With that being said, I’m betting it won’t ever happen again.

Seriously, let's stick to airports and runways for taking off and landing from now on. Next time, someone might not be so lucky.

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