There are just certain things you don't want to hear are on the rise in Amarillo, TX. Especially if you're single and, well, ready to mingle. Based on this news, we've got a lot of mingling going on in the city.

One problem with the mingling, we seem to be doing it without proper protection. Look, I'm all for mingling, but getting pregnant at a time you don't want isn't the ONLY thing you need to be worried about.

Amarillo has forgotten about that, and now people are paying the price more than ever. The health department has said they've seen a dramatic rise in cases of syphilis throughout the city. So much so that they're putting it on high alert.

Casie Stoughton, the Director of Public Health, said that during the COVID year of 2020, Amarillo had 63 reported cases of the STI. I know, we were on lockdown and it doesn't seem like a fair number to compare something to.

However, fast forward a couple of years and you'll find that number has soared. The current number of reported cases of syphilis sits at 346...and that's just the reported cases. Kind of eye opening isn't it?

In case you weren't aware, the way you can contract the STI is by being in direct contact of a syphilis sore during sex. I mean, if people would simply protect themselves during their mingling, we wouldn't be sitting where we are today.

Now, there are a couple of different treatment options out there, but you have to been seen in order to get them. It's easy to get yourself tested if you're afraid you may have something. The Amarillo Public Health Department has weekly STD clinics that you can go to. It's open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 6 pm.

The cost for a test is $20, and treatment will run you $5. Doesn't seem so bad to make sure you get yourself taken care of does it?

Come on Amarillo, let's be smarter about how we're doing our mingling. Don't make someone else pay for your silly mistakes.

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