It's always fun looking at photos in Amarillo during its past. Even though I am aware that most pictures that we are shown of Amarillo during its golden years are just highlights of the best parts of our town during this time, it still makes me nostalgic for a time that I never even lived in.

But the problem with photos is the fact that they are just still photos. There's just a distance that you feel when looking at photos versus videos.

But the problem when looking around for footage of Amarillo before cameras became more commonly used is that there just is not a lot of it.

But luckily I found a full-length video of Amarillo during the 60s.

So apparently the Southwestern Public Service created a 15-minute film that documents and details what a then relatively-young Amarillo looked like in the 1960s in efforts to promote the city.

The short features many recognizable spots in Amarillo inlcuding Palo Duro High School, Amarillo College, The Amarillo Little Theare, Downtown Amarillo and so many other spots that you can find today.

Its so weird yet enticing to see Amarillo in a completely different era, where it seems like an entirely different city than it is today. The city and its landscape looksdifferent, the people look different and even buildings seen in the video that still stand today look entirely different. There's a certain livliness depected by the film that todays Amarillo seems to have lost and it's almost sad.

Even though i'm sure we are watching Amarillo through a rose-tinted glass, this promotional video sure makes me want to visit this Amarillo presented in this video. Hopefully we can someday see the more lively Amarillo promised in this video once again.

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Wow. Just wow.

Robbi McDaniel Rivers dug up this incredible magazine published in 1931. You'll find the many Amarillo buildings and landmarks that you know and love--they're brand new in these photos!


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You know you've entered Amarillo's historic district once you hit the red brick roads of Center City. A unique reflection of past and present, Amarillo's historic homes seem to pose pristinely against the curb.

These large, thoughtfully designed historic homes are part of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Amarillo. But most residents will agree that nothing quite tops the staggering royal beauty of the grand homes of Polk Street. Built by Amarillo's founding fathers, the looming estates of South Polk are a sight to behold.

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