Although small, Amarillo's got a pretty unique lineup of artists throughout its history.

Of course, you've got the well-known figures like Stanley Marsh, who is responsible for some of Amarillo's most well-known monuments like Cadillac Ranch or the giant pair of legs that sit between Amarillo and Canyon.

But then there are some lesser-known artists who are responsible for some pretty good art that is created in what could be seen as a "peculiar" method of creation. And an Amarillo Facebook user below is trying to find them.


So apparently according to this Facebook user, there was a portrait artist in Amarillo who lived in Amarillo in the 1970s who painted using her mouth.

It's honestly a pretty strange thing to imagine at first but once you look into the comments of this post, there are many users with fond but vague memories of this mouth painter.

It was Carolyn, she lived across the alley from my Mom in Hamlet, she was in the class of 64 at PD.

                                                       Sharon Henderson


She went to Palo Duro but I cannot remember her name. Yes Carolyn Osborn was her name.

Robbie Heare


Thank you SO much! She painted a portrait of my husbands sister, after she passed away at an early age. The work she did was incredible!

Sarah Chadwick



           I don’t remember her name, but she went to Palo Duro High    through a special program for home schooling her.
                                                                 Nicki Splawn Baca

So from the little information that I could get from this Facebook post and its comments, this lady painted portraits with her mouth and apparently did a pretty good job at it. Sadly she has passed according to some comments, but clearly, her work left an impression on those who knew her and her work.
Although it's great that her name is remembered by some in Amarillo, the thing is that I cannot find any of her work anywhere.
After searching around social media and even checking the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Database (yes that is a thing), I can not find a single photo of her work.
So I turn to you Amarillo. If you have any more information on where to find works by this artist or if you have any images of portraits done by her, we would love for you guys to send them in because I am genuinely curious to see what a mouth-painted portrait would look like.

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