Just last week, people all across the state of Texas watched as a man drove a stolen ambulance through the Dallas-Ft. Worth area - eventually leading police on a chase that lasted over an hour. Our police officers risks their lives everyday as it is, they don't need people like this adding to the stress of their jobs.

The driver of an 18-wheeler in California felt the same way after he deliberately crashed his semi into a police chase suspect's car in an effort to end the chase. And that crazy ending was caught on video.

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According to KGTV,KCBS, and KCAL, all responsible for covering the chase on Tuesday, say the suspect led officers through multiple near collisions, drove onto sidewalks, and ran multiple red lights. The driver of the semi, Ahmed Shaaban, caught a glimpse of the chase and learned that the driver in the chase was a murder suspect.

When Shaaban encountered the driver later in the chase, the suspect was trying to lose the police officers by cutting through a parking lot. Unfortunately for him, and VERY fortunate for us, the suspect didn't lose the officers, but instead found Shaaban's semi very quickly. Check out the video:

@somydaydreamTruck driver said he didn't do it on purpose. 😂 #carchase #policechase♬ original sound - Somydaydream

“If he passed, I would have blocked all the cops, and he would have run. The second I heard his engine, I floored my truck, and I hit him,” Shaaban told KGTV. “I had to end it before he killed someone or hit a car or hit a kid.”

Involving yourself in a police chase is highly discouraged. In the case of this story, it worked out, but your involvement in a chase would put your life in danger, and those of the people around you.

Shaaban says that his semi is totaled, and he's not sure that his insurance would cover the damages because he deliberately crashed it. There is a GoFundMe page set up for those that would like to donate to Shaaban and his family to replace it.

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