Ahhh to have little girls. If you have a daughter or even daughter's obviously you are familiar with them all being a bunch of princesses, right? Of course you have. My daughter was a Disney princess almost every year for Halloween. So of course we had the costumes.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

She was Ariel Mermaid one year. Then she had to be Jasmine from Aladdin. All the pretty princess stuff you have may pay off for your little princess coming up at Hodgetown. The Amarillo Sod Poodles will be transforming Hodgetown into a Princess Castle coming up next Saturday, August 14th.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

That is not where the fun ends. Nope, not at all. There will of course be a costume contest for anyone dressing up. Oh and this is the time to pick out your outfits. If you come in contest you will get to go out on the field for a pre-game princess parade. So get that princess parade wave ready too.

There will also be princess themed drinks and food to tidy over those princess appetite. So come hungry. Of course the game will be a fun time for the whole family. Stick around of course because you can't have a Princess Night without capping the night off with a big bang.

What family will not love the ooh's and ahh's of watching fireworks afterwards? I mean that will be the fairytale ending to a fairytale day for sure. Carriages are not mandatory but hey would win you bonus points from your little princesses.

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