The smell of the fresh cut grass. The meticulously dragged dirt of the infield. The sounds, the smells from the concession stand. That's baseball in Amarillo, TX., home of the Texas League champion Amarillo Sod Poodles.

Excitement is starting to build as we get close to Spring Training kicking off in Arizona and Florida because we know we're only a couple of short months away from getting to see our boys of summer take the field.

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As much as we love watching those glorious nine innings of baseball while enjoying a cold beverage and hot dog, we also love those fancy little giveaways. Some are sought out more than others (bobbleheads), but we love to base our calendars around these giveaways at HODGETOWN.

Well good news Soddies fans, you can start putting some dates on that calendar, because we've got the schedule of what is being given away when for the 2024 season. You'll have to fight me for a couple of these things.

Let's start with the daily promotions. All your favorites are back for the 2024 season.


It's Texas, who doesn't love tacos? Every home game on a Tuesday, you're getting hooked up with $3 tacos. Talk about a perfect evening, baseball, and cheap tacos. There are 10 total Taco Tuesday dates on the calendar this season.


This is one of my favorite nights at the ballpark personally. Any time I can get a hot dog for just $1, I will typically be there. It's so cheap, you could get into a hot dog eating contest with your closest friends, if you want to of course.


Nearly EVERYONE'S favorite is back for another round this season, with every Thursday home date hooking you up with discounts on your favorite frosty brew. They didn't forget about you non-beer drinkers, as they'll offer discounted fountain drinks as well.


A favorite of families, firework shows will happen after every Friday night game, with a total of 12 dates this season. Friday is also a chance for our Military and First Responders to get in at a discount with 50% off tickets.


12 more chances in the 2024 season for our Military and First Responders to get in for half price. That's 24 total games where you can save some money on a ticket and put it towards a couple extra drinks or food items.

Ok, now let's get on to what you REALLY came here for, the giveaways. You're going to find three bobbleheads in the mix this season along with the popular beer stein, but with a twist this season.

APRIL 6: Magnet schedule
APRIL 7: Clear plastic bag
APRIL 20: Replica championship ring
APRIL 21: Golf hat
MAY 19: Replica championship jersey
JUNE 9: Mystery bobblehead (player TBD)
JUNE 23: Soddies to the Show t-shirt
JULY 20: Hawaiian shirt
JULY 28: Jordan Lawlar bobblehead
AUGUST 8: Seth Beer-stein
AUGUST 11: A.J. Vukovich bobblehead
AUGUST 25: Reversible bucket hat
SEPTEMBER 1: Calf Fries socks
SEPTEMBER 15: Jersey hoodie

So there you have it Soddies fans, every game you need to know when it comes to getting free and discounted stuff. See you at HODGETOWN!

Josh Jung and the Frisco RoughRiders play in Amarillo at HODGETOWN

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