Before the Internet achieves global domination, it’s going to have to work harder to take over America, first.

A surprising new study has found that the Internet is not reaching as many people in the country as you may think.

Who Needs This Newfangled Internet, Anyway?

The research found that 15% of Americans don’t use the Internet, as well as another 9% who only go online while working. And 92% of all of these “offline adults” have no interest in using the Internet or email anytime soon. Hmm, maybe we should just commission Doc Brown to get his DeLorean working again and let them hightail it back to 1985.

The Internet Isn’t for Me

So, why are these holdouts so insistent on not joining the technological revolution? About 34% claim the Internet doesn’t apply to them, they don’t have any interest in it or have no need or use for it. Thirty-two percent say the Internet is too difficult or comes with too many potential problems, including spam and hackers. Another 19% give the ol' "it costs too much to have a computer or pay for Internet access" line, while 7% reported the Internet isn’t available in their area. We call that last group of people hermits.

Fourteen percent of offline adults say they’ve used the Internet before, but elected to quit, perhaps sensing that staying connected would relegate them to a life dedicated to Candy Crush.

The Young Love Them Some ‘Net

As you may imagine, age plays a huge role among people using the Internet. A total of 87% in the 18-29 demographic use it, compared to 56% of those ages 65 and older, who are also probably still convinced the VCR will make a comeback.

Hey, Can You Do Me a Favor?

However, just because some people don’t use the Internet doesn’t mean they can’t find a way to make it work for them. Forty-four percent of offline adults admit they’ve asked friends or relatives to go online for them to help with some sort of task, which just goes to prove that even if you're not using the Internet you're still using the Internet.


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