UPDATE: The person who made the post got in touch with me. They said that they are originally from Hereford (small world), but moved to L.A. last year.

The individual also said that they're in need of some big outgoing personalities, and that they will be going through casting for the next few weeks.

If you feel like giving it a go, check out the website and the application for yourself. As for me, I've already joined the Illuminati via Instagram, so why not?


Original Post

While looking around Reddit, I came across this post in r/amarillo regarding casting for Ellen's Game of Games show. Seeing as how I have a little extra free time, I thought I would check it out.

I'm a pretty skeptical guy most of the time. As much I want to believe that they are having casting calls in the middle of a global pandemic, I have my questions.

I reached out to the individual who made the post, and haven't gotten a response.

Checking on NBC's website, it shows that they are in fact casting for Game of Games.

I went to the website listed and went ahead and looked at the application. I then compared that to the casting application on NBC's website.

The application on NBC's website doesn't ask you for who you would like on your team or their contact info. In fact, NBC's application is pretty straight forward.

The one from the post doesn't get specific when it comes to your address. It just asks for a town and state, however NBC's needs your actual address.

I don't know that this is a phishing scam, but I do have my reservations. The person claimed to be a casting producer who is just trying to keep their job.

I checked their post history and they had posted the same image in several different places on Reddit, and most people were quick to call it a fake.

There also wasn't much of a history. In fact, it looked like this account was only made to push this website, which in the online world makes things look a little sketchy.


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