We all watch videos on the Internet, but what exactly are we watching?

Sure, we all enjoy the ubiquitous cat video or adorable baby video, but what do we enjoy more than anything else?

A new survey has found 78% of Americans watch or download videos, with 58% of them taking in comedy/humor clips, making it the most popular type of video to view.

Coming in second was how-to videos, with 56% saying they do so (hey, we’ve got to figure out some way to fix that leaky pipe, right?).

The most popular videos people watch online:

Comedy/Humor- 58%
How-to – 56%
Educational – 50%
Music – 50%
News – 45%
Animation/Cartoon – 28%
Political – 27%
Sports – 27%
Commercial/Ads – 15%
Adult Entertainment – 12%

Perhaps the survey’s most eye-opening finding was that 12% admitted to watching pornography. Twelve! While that's double the number from 2006, we still think either a lot of people are lying or they temporarily forgot the definition of the word because that seems like a very low number.

Only one-in-four men copped to watching porn, compared to 8% of women. However, the good people behind the poll did say "this may reflect a reluctance to report the behavior among some adults." Gee, you think?

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