You know the perfect dish to accompany endless breadsticks? More breadsticks, of course.

Olive Garden has announced it will begin serving breadstick sandwiches, beginning June 1.

It's a buttery carb bonanza that if enjoyed too much could expand your waistline quicker than the time it takes to say "When you're here, you're family."

Jeff Smith, CEO of Starboard, which owns Olive Garden, revealed the big news during an interview on Wall Street Week. He also revealed he likes the restaurant's breadsticks.

Hungry patrons will be able to chow down on a chicken parmigiana or meatball sandwich.

A spokeswoman for Olive Garden said, "We're always looking to evolve our menu. We're always bringing on new items, and right now we're really taking those dishes our guests know and love and giving them more ways to enjoy it." It does seem like the company is shaping its menu as well as its customers torsos.

The breadstick sandwiches won't be exactly like the breadsticks that customers currently devour, though. While the recipe will remain the same, the ones used for the sandwiches will be a little shorter and wider, kind of like the clientele who'll eat them when they walk out.

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