You need a quick lunch and get back to work. Well I did just that the other day and headed to Olive Garden,

I wanted to try something they had that I can't get anywhere else. I found a couple new items on their lunch menus that you just need to try.

First I tried the Meatball Pizza Bowl. For $6.99 you get soup or salad and their famous breadsticks, of course, with it.

Now when it came out....I was pleasantly surprised with just how much food it was for the price. It is a pizza crust bowl and filled with their meatballs, sauce and cheese. Oh my goodness lots of cheese.

With my first bite of goodness I got some of the bowl, meatball and sauce and the cheese just was oh so gooey and great! I loved this and will try it again.

When you are thinking of lunch think about Olive Garden and give this a try. Keep tuned here as soon I will tell you about the breadstick sandwich. Yep! You will need to know about this!

Olive Garden is located at I-40 and Western.

To Be Continued.......

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