A new high-voltage power transmission line has been completed and runs across the New Mexico-Texas border.

The line is the result of a Southwest Power Pool study that identified a need for a stronger transmission line to serve the area.  The study cited growing power demand in the area and overall grid reliability.  The new line addresses both needs.  The 115-kilovolt transmission line cost around $38 million and is part of dozens of projects included in Xcel Energy's Power for the Plains multi billion-dollar grid improvement initiative.  The line covers 37 miles between the Curry County Substation east of Clovis, New Mexico to the Bailey County Substation south of Muleshoe, Texas.

Previous to the new line's installation there was only one 115-kilovolt line coming into the Bailey County Substation.  The area was vulnerable to reliability issues.

Transmission lines move electricity from power plants into load centers like a town or industrial area.  Substations then lower the voltage before the power is sent down lines in streets and alleys to customers.