September 19th, Sonic is having their $1 Dog Day. All day long, you can get one of their hot dogs, chili cheese coneys, or All-American Dog for just a buck.

Personally, I do enjoy a Sonic hot dog from time-to-time. Especially when it comes to the chili cheese coneys.

This is a bit like a national holiday for me. I'll go and order four or five, tops. I have a friend in Oklahoma City, who will call me tomorrow after he has spent the last of his paycheck on hot dogs.

He will then take them home, and feast on them with his trusted Australian Shepard. It's actually beautiful in a way.

They're also running a special on drinks when you order ahead using their app.

Credit: Sonic
Credit: Sonic

Whether it's your dog, your cat (I'm not judging), your kids, or if you are like me and want them all to yourself...there's really no way to go wrong on $1 Dog Days.

Dear insides, prepare to be wrecked. Love, Charlie.

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