I was at a retirement party a few days ago and let me tell you how excited I was when they brought out the guacamole. Do you just love this stuff as much as I do?

I know that the chips you may scoop it out with are not healthy but that guacamole is a great snack. So don't feel so guilty if you spread some on your sandwich. It makes a great condiment.

You think about bananas being healthy for you but did you know that avocados have more potassium than a banana? Potassium helps to keep your blood pressure down by balancing out that negative effect of salt.

Avocados are also loaded with fiber. So you will feel fuller longer after eating a meal with avocado or that tasty guac.

Avocados are a fat but it is a good fat. So that means adding it to our diets is actually good for you.

It's crazy how popular this go to snack has become. On average, Americans eat more than 7 pounds of avocados per person every year. If you look back just 25 years it was only 1 pound per person per year. So we are starting to realize all the reasons to add to our diet.

There are new foods coming out all the time. I mean avocado toast is a thing now. I never heard of that growing up. Oh and did you know that guacamole cheese now exists? It has been created combining Gouda, avocado, lime juice, chili, tomato, onion and garlic. Sounds pretty darn good.

So whatever the reason that you start eating more guacamole. Whether it is because of the health benefits or just the fact it is so good; just know you are not alone.

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