Earth Day was a day celebrated in Amarillo by cleaning up the city.  Oh boy, this city was trashy.

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This City of Amarillo Public Works led the clean-up with the help of citizens throughout the city.  The goal of the clean-up was 80 tons.

Brace yourself, according to the City of Amarillo, 191.4 tons of trash and debris were removed from the Amarillo community. They said that 72.7 tons were collected during a cleanup campaign in September of 2021.

“The citizens of Amarillo showed up and we shattered our goal of 80 tons,” said COA Director of Public Works Donny Hooper. “It was a tremendous success thanks to everyone in Amarillo who participated in improving our community.”

Photo Courtesy: City of Amarillo
Photo Courtesy: City of Amarillo

The breakdown of the trash clean-up:

34.8 tons were collected in the new roll-off container.  8.3 tons of that trash was picked up in San Jacinto School Park and Eastridge School Park.  Thompson Park and the Southwest Library area collected 6.6 tons.  Bones Hooks Park has 3.3 tons, and 1.7 tons were collected at the East Library.

The City of Amarillo equipment and personnel collected 156.6 tons of trash and debris, including alley cleanups in four city quadrants. San Jacinto led with 89.4 tons.  North Heights area had 31.3 tons collected.  Eastridge had 25.1 tons and the Barrio had 10.8 tons.

Oh my goodness, that's a lot of trash.  That is amazing that the City of Amarillo and some amazing citizens were able to collect all that trash.  However, shame on those for trashing Amarillo.  Start picking up your trash, and stop dumping your junk in alleys, vacant lots, and places where it doesn't belong.  The City of Amarillo does offer large item pick-up which means you don't have to dump your old couches and mattress in the alley.  They will come and pick it up off your curb.  Oh and those businesses who just dump old tires, old construction trash.  Stop!  You choose to run your businesses, you can pay to dump your trash in the appropriate place.

This is where we live, let's keep it clean so we don't have a need for a clean-up day, which will result in 191.4 tons of trash.

Don't be trashy Amarillo!

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