We are not even halfway through the year and it is already turning out to be a tough one for some local restaurants. Amarillo has already lost some of its shine and it is happening in Canyon too.

We do have a lot of places to eat in our area. I think that is what makes it so hard to decide where to go when dining out. We have a lot of great choices. The bad news is that the circle of life seems to happen.

We get some new places and we all run there right away. It seems we want to be the first to try things out. The problem is that unless the place impresses us it may be the first and last stop there.

Now that is not always the reason for the closing. We had one close because of retirement. The good news is Oscar's ended up finding another owner to take it over so as quickly as it closed it ended up reopening.

Another closed but has another location in Lubbock. So there are some good reasons. I hate seeing any place close. I hate to see people out of work. I get it some restaurants end up being more drama than they are worth.

So join me on this trip to the ones we have lost so far this year.

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