Is it me or does it seem like more fires than usual have been happening lately? The first day of this month greeted Amarillo with its first fire early Thursday morning.

Early Thursday morning around 1 a.m. the Amarillo Fire Department received a call to Advanced Amarillo Tire Shop on SE 27th and Ross. They arrived on the scene to find the tire shop in a blaze, with both the building and the tires on the inside on fire. According to reports from fire crews, propane bottles were also exploding inside the building. The entire block was cleared out and took more than 7 hours to put out the fires. A great deal of the difficulty behind this fire came from the fact that many of the tires on the inside caught fire, which is generally difficult to put out.

When investigating the fire, officials discovered that it had been started by a homeless individual seeking shelter. This individual suffered severe burns when trying to stomp out the flames unsuccessfully, but when offered medical assistance refused to go to the hospital. Thankfully no one else was hurt because of this incident, but the building was left completely destroyed due to the fire.

This winter in Amarillo has had an odd number of fires in particular for some reason though. As recently as Wednsday of the same week, officers responded to a house fire and towards the end of last month 6 fires broke out in a single weekend. There's no single cause that is behind all of these fires, but proper fire safety can most definitely help. So even though we may be getting a bit cold this month, be sure to practice proper fire safety and stay safe!

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