If you live in Amarillo, chances are that you know about Pantex. But unless you work there, you most likely have never seen the inside of the plant. Pantex is not the most "consumer-friendly" business in the Texas Panhandle. That does not stop people from leaving reviews of Pantex though. According to some of these reviews, Pantex doesn't just deal in nuclear weapon assembly and disassembly but offers skin care, food, car washes, and even video games. Whether these reviews come from actual customers of Pantex is unknown, but we still think you'll find these reviews quite entertaining.


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We do not recommend breaking into Pantex to eat the bombs.



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All puns are intended.


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Whether Pantex offers a secret skincare product that is held secret from the public or it's the radiation that will do it for you is yet to be seen.


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Wait, do they actually have a gift shop? If they do I'd like to buy some of the Pantex merch. If anybody from Pantex is reading this, we understand that you guys have higher priorities but you should pitch a Pantex clothing brand to upper management.


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Chances are that Pantex's services will not be available to most unless you are a government entity.



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(Insert Cricket Chirps)


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Poor guy left unsatisfied without coffee, cake, and a car wash.


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For those of you out of the loop, Fallout 76 is the 2018 entry of the Fallout video game franchise. As the title hints, you are a survivor in a post-nuclear apocalypse America.

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