Severe weather season is a busy time for storm chasers, or spotters here in the Texas Panhandle. We have some very active storms. In fact in an area that we can see all the different seasons in one day how can we not be a little excited about it?

If weather is something that interests you there are plenty of opportunities to learn all that you can. The National Weather Service is offering some great chances to learn how to safely follow the weather.

The next class is tonight in Dumas. It is a two hour in person course.

Hey everyone, are you ready for severe weather? If you're interested in becoming a trained storm spotter, our in-person classes continues. Be on the look out for others if you can't attend this one.

So I know this one in Dumas tonight is a little short noticed but there are several others on the calendar. You can find the complete list HERE.

The next one is tomorrow night in Canyon from 7pm until 9pm. There will be nine more after that. So pick out a location and just show up. Do go back and visit the page on the day of the training. They plan to hold all of these in person but you just never know. It's better to have a heads up that they change it to a virtual class before you show up. So definitely double check on the day of.

If you are interested in the weather and want to get some great photos. I just love seeing those. If the weather is your passion this is totally going to be something you will want to have on your resume.

Tornado and Wall Cloud Pictures From Monday, May 17th, 2021

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