There was an announcement back in February. It was one that we weren't looking forward. I mean we understood but it wasn't something that we liked. It's a Punjabi Affair was closing it's doors for a bit.

So Why Were They Closing Their Doors?

It turned out that they were going on vacation. They were going back home for a bit. Totally understandable. From their Facebook page here is the original announcement back in February:

Okay here we go. It’s a Punjabi Affair will be CLOSED for some time starting Tuesday February 15th 2022 till March 22nd 2022.
So let’s Hurry and grab some Curry
The reopening day was supposed to be on March 22nd which didn't happen. It has been a long one month and eight days. I know people were missing their great Indian food. The wait though is over and they were delayed in getting back a bit.
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If you drove by on the 22nd expecting to get some of their great Indian food you would have noticed they were still closed. They did though get on Facebook to let us know the situation and give us some good news:


Guys just wanted to share with you that we left India on the 17th and still haven’t reached home. We will be reaching today at 3pm so instead of today we will open tomorrow at 11:30am. We can’t wait to see you guys!!!

credit: Google Maps
credit: Google Maps

So the good news is that if you drove by yesterday you would have seen the lights on. You would have seen that they were ready to serve you some great Indian Food. We hope they had a great trip but we are so glad that they are back.

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