As a radio station, we receive some very interesting mail.  Sometimes it's letters from people in prison, a lot of times it's people from all over the world asking for a sticker, or it's a fan just wanting to say hi.  However, sometimes we just get craziness.

I received a letter last week here at the station, I'll go on to preface that the person that sent it, didn't leave a name or a signature and it was postmarked Denver, CO.  When I opened the envelope my first reaction was, what is the ever loving deal is this garbage?

It was a picture of the Vatican, and it had drawings around it showing that it was a pregnant serpent wearing a crown.

It went on to describe the Latin origin of the word Vatican, "Divining Serpent."

If you look at the picture of this mail, it goes onto describe much more.

attachment-Weird mail 1

 According to

1. Also called Vatican Palace. the chief residence of the popes in Vatican City, now also including a library, archives, art museum, apartments, and administrative offices.
2. the authority and government of the pope (distinguished from the Quirinal).
If you do more research on the Latin origin of the word and dig deeper, the serpent meaning isn't really true.
The sender of this document goes on to infer that "The serpent (Satan) is killing your spirit."
attachment-Weird mail 2
I think you can find different meanings to different verses in the Bible to use to prove your own personal point, but in my opinion, you have to look at the Bible as a whole, not in just bits in pieces.
For me, I got a Da Vinci Code vibe to this story.  Is Robert Langdon about to jump into the picture?
I think when it comes to things like this particular piece of mail, you as a person have to decide what you believe.  This to me is a conspiracy theory.
Do I believe in God, yes, I do.  Do I believe in Satan, yes I do. As a believer of God and Christ,  I believe that the end will come and that we will receive signs.  It's all written in the Bible that the end of times will come and it is described in depth what will happen when it does occur.  However, we will not know a date or time.  Do I believe that it will come from a vision of a pregnant serpent wearing a crown in a aerial picture of The Vatican, I do not.
However, you can determine what the truth is for yourself. If you are into this weird kind of stuff, and live for the conspiracy theorist, go dig deeper.
I will say for me, I'll just chalk it up to the weird things we get in the mail at the radio station.
On a lighter note,  I did get a good giggle from the kind of stamp used on the envelope.
TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

"Ruh roh Shaggy, there's a snake in The Vatican." Zoinks Scoob, run!!!"

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