So we all know Amarillo and the surrounding area has had several movies and tv shows filmed here so let’s talk about them staring with the obviously ones.

The Movies and TV shows you always here about

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So one of the most notable ones is "Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade" the scene is the ending of the movie as Indiana rides off into the sunset.

We also have the 2017 film "Bomb City" which details the real-life story of the 1997 murder of Amarillo teenager Brian Deneke. This is a very good movie and I only ever heard about it when Michael J interviewed the director on the rise morning show.

We also have the 2002's movie "Waking Up in Reno" which has a scene filmed at the Big Texan as one of the main characters Lonnie takes on the 72oz Steak challenge.

We also have the 1950's "The Sundowners" the 2014 "Black Rider: Revelation Road" which was filmed in Happy.

And last but not least the 1992 film  "Leap of Faith" which was filmed in Plainview and the film had such a impact on the town that they left the Rust Water Bengals logo on the downtown water tower until 2016.

And as for well know tv shows the only two that I can think of is "Yellowstone 1883"  which is being filmed at the legendary 6666 ranch and Man V Food who went to the Big Texan, Youngbloods cafe, and Coyote Bluff.

The Movies and TV shows you never hear about

Now lets go though some of the movies that are never talked. I only found these movies after I did some research.

Lets start with the 2018 film "Edge of the World" Its about a cross country coach leading a team of troubled kids as he battles his own crisis of faith. After some more research it says its filmed in Amarillo and was made a company called Tascosa Films.

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We also have the 1999 documentary "Beyond the Mat" which focused on some of the professional wrestlers in WWE. But the parts filmed in Amarillo is when they talk about Terry Funk.

We also have the 1946 film "Boys' Ranch" which is about how boys' ranch was started just with a few twist. Like instead of Julian Bivins donating the land for Cals project. It was Dan (the guy who plays Cal) going around to the local ranchers asking for supplies for the ranch like seeds and tools.

We also have the 1977 film "Sunshine Christmas" filmed in Claude. And the 2016 flim "Kreep" which was filmed in Amarillo and Dumas.

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Now lets talk about the TV shows. Let's start with "Cold Justice". the first Amarillo appeared in "Cold Justice" was in 2014 under the episode "Billy Goat Hill" the second time Amarillo showed was in 2019 under the episode "Horror in the Home".

Other TV shows that came Amarillo was "Cops" , "The Great American Eat Off" and "Ghost Adventures", "Dateline NBC" And last but that least even had "The Oprah Winfrey Show" here for a little while. We also had "Hoarders" and "Catfish" do a episode in Canyon.

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