We've all been there before right? Cruising around a parking lot, looking for a spot to rest our car.

You keep driving around hoping something will present itself...but it doesn't.

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Now you're starting to sweat it because you've got two minutes to get clocked in at work and you have to look somewhere else for parking.

Wouldn't this be easier if you could just have an assigned spot so you know it will ALWAYS be there? Of course it would.

A recent study was done by Gunther Mazda in Fort Lauderdale asking people just how much they're realistically pay to have their own private parking spot. Whether it be at home if they live in an apartment or condo, or at work where if you want a good parking spot, you have to get in 30 minutes early.

Now obviously, the amount people are willing to pay depends on where they live and work. For example, someone may be willing to spend $15,000 a year in New York City, but not anywhere close to that here in Amarillo.

So what about Texas in general? There's Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio as the "big four" in the state. They've got the highest populations and would be more likely to pay up for a specific parking spot, and probably be willing to spend far more.

Factoring in every city in the state, Texans on average would be willing to spend a touch over $9,000 a year for the perfect parking spot!

Look, I'm all about having that close, perfect spot that makes it easy to get in and out of somewhere. Am I willing to drop that kind of coin per year though? Ehhh, I don't know. That number equates to probably half a year or more of a mortgage or rent depending on where you live. I don't want to be paying close to the same per month that I pay in rent/mortgage for a parking spot.

At least we aren't Portland, Oregon. They're willing to pay nearly $25,000 a year. That's bananas! You can see the full study here!

The Abandoned St. Anthony's Hospital on Amarillo Boulevard

The 119-year-old abandoned hospital is a fascinating place for any who are lucky enough to be granted the chance to explore.

The sprawling building saw thousands of Amarillo's citizens inside its halls daily, all the the way until it was shuttered in 2001. But there are still incredible artifacts of the all-too-recent past tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the old St. Anthony.

The explorer who took these photographs gave the following information:

"Many rooms were left untouched, we found patient files, old prescriptions, a blood transfusion machine from the 60s, and microscopic slides of breast cancer from the 70s and 80s. I put one picture in here of some heart scans so you can see the dates and diagnosis of the patient, but marked out the patient’s names of course. During a time when mental illness was not understood, 76 exorcisms were documented to have been performed between 1909 and 1931."

Take a look inside the halls of the legendary abandoned St. Anthony's hospital

The Eerie Abandoned Puckett Place Apartments of Amarillo

The Puckett Place apartments at 3447 Amherst St. have been a vacant and in disrepair for well over a decade. The building has finally been slated for renovation and at long last, Puckett Place will see a new life.

In the meantime, here's a glimpse at the strange and derelict beauty that is the abandoned Puckett Place.

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