The warrant for Katie Yvonne Spielbauer in the murder of Robin Spielbauer was released to the public and it details on how she was linked to the murder.

Officers learned early on that Katie has threatened to kill Robin on many occasions prior to her death on many occasions becasue she believed that Robin and Jeremy, the deceased's ex-husband and Katie's current husband were having an affair.  There was a physical altercation between the women in November of last year.

A search warrant was obtained for Robin's phone where text messages were discovered that revealed a meeting between Robin and Jeremy on the night of April 7th.  Jeremy said Katie never came home that evening and he did not meet with Robin.

The autopsy revealed that in addition to blunt force trauma, Robin had a bullet wound to the top back portion of her head that was concealed by hair.  The bullet is believed to be a .22 caliber slug.  The pathologist determined that both injures would have been fatal.

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