The FBI is asking you get involved with the manhunt for the suspect in two Amarillo bank robberies.

His first heist was a Wells Fargo in November 2017 and a First United Bank in January on this year.  The suspect brandished a gun in both heists.

Grainy security camera footage of the bank robber has been provided but it is believed the quality is so poor even the bank robbers own mother would not recognize him in the photos.  Although she affirms she would be more than suspicions if her son suddenly bought her a new home.

To help generate leads, the FBI is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the the arrest and conviction of the suspect.  Call the FBI Amarillo Resident Agency at 806-376-6395.

The winning combination is a Hispanic male, around 6 feet tall, 200-220lbs, wearing dark sunglasses, a white hard hate, a green safety vest and dark jeans.  It has been mentioned, several times, that the above description fits 47% of the road workers on I-40.

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