We got ready for Earth Day last Saturday on The Erwin Pawn Tradio Show.

It's the show where you can buy and sell pretty much anything you can imagine and we have a lot of fun doing it.  Hopefully you enjoy listening each weekend as we bring buyers and sellers together.


Each week on the show we ask our callers a poll question in an effort to better get to know the audience. Today is Earth Day and last Saturday we wanted to know if you were celebrating or ignoring.

Earth Day, yes or no?

No 27

Yes 13

Tree huggers were in the minority on the show but we totally support treating our planet with respect


With the regular rules of conduct on the show I always bring you a special Rule #6.  It is usually inspired by something that happened to me over the previous week.

If you listen to Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity on 940 and were listening last week you probably heard the myriad problems we are having keeping those shows on the air and running properly.  We've got a malfunctioning computer and it's making life at KIXZ tough on both us and the listeners.  Hopefully we'll have our issues resolved by Tuesday afternoon.  Until then, remember this week's rule #6.

Rule #6: Computers will break your heart.

See you next Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Tradio Show!

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