Saturday on your favorite radio station, we ran remorseless, guiltless, and shameless classified ads.  Live.

It’s Trade-A-Thon and thanks to your friends at All Battery Center,  you once again could take advantage of the overpowered and underfunded transmitter tower array on {LOCATION DELETED BY ENGINEERING} Road.    It’s been haunting my Aunt, Uncle, and nearly 100 year old Grandmother for years.  You could at least try to call in once or twice and sell something to somehow justify their suffering.  As of this writing, Trade-A-Thon is happening again this Saturday, nine to noon, thank you All Battery Center in Wolflin Village.


Charlie handled hosting duties this week and his poll question was related to The Texas Panhandle Baconfest.  Baconfest was held following the show at the Rex Baxter building and at the time we didn’t realize how intense Baconfest would be.  The riots, the burned bacon, bacon eaten in anger, oh the humanity. Hope to see you for BF2-2K19!

Charlie was curious if Canadian bacon counted as bacon.

Yes 1

No 21

I agree, the bacon should be taken out of the Back Bacon, eh.  Put more on my pie, please.


There are five regular rules of conduct for the show and we go over those at the beginning of each hour.  There is also a rule #6 that changes each week.  It’s up to the host what inspires the rule but it is intended to be a creed, a totem, a manifesto for you to commiserate and observe at least until the next All Battery Center commercial break.

Charlie was dead on with his assessment that Baconfest could be hazardous to clothing and hair regarding all the grease misting the air and large skillets of leavings buckets potentially spilling. He had an insightful rule.

Rule #6 Keep your distance. 

Be aware the grease traps and was around them.

Charlie and I both look forward the hearing from you during the next Trade-A-Thon!

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