On Saturday April 21, 2018 we invited people to call in and list for sale stuff.

On Monday April 23, 2018, I wrote this blog about that show, in the name of posterity, and to a greater extent, towards fulfillment of a weekly goal.

The show is Trade-A-Thon.  We don’t know much.  We do know we’ll broadcast another one on April 28th and it’s structure will mirror that of the April 21st show,


We ask our callers the answer a poll question when we put them on the air.  Amarillo was finally the recipient of significant rainfall on Friday April 20, 2018.  It made us most curious about how much rainfall they received.

How much rain did you get?

Small 2

Medium 9

Large 3


We have rules for the show and one of those includes one that changes every week. It is rule #6 and it was inspired by my latest cell phone calamity.

While I was getting out of my car Tuesday afternoon I realized I was forgetting to grab something from the passenger seat.  I placed my phone in my lap and as I reached over the phone fell from my lap, out the open door, face planting on the asphalt.  Of course it shattered.

It’s a Motorola, not what you’d call a wildly popular phone.  After trying to get it fixed I found exactly how unpopular.  Unfortunately for me there are no replacement parts and I was advised to take the insurance settlement on a claim of a total loss.  I was three payments away from having the phone paid off, which would have lowered my monthly bill by $30.  Now I have to junk my broken phone and finance a new one for another two years.  This week’s Rule #6 is no a never-to-be-broken personal rule.

Rule #6 Only buy a popular or common cell phone.

Join us next time on Trade-A-Thon!

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