If you're like me, your head might be exploding right about now with everything that is happening in the world around us.

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First, Roe vs. Wade was overturned, by the U.S. Supreme Court, and talks of other laws being overturned were next.

First of all, you have your beliefs, I have my beliefs.  However, neither one of us has the right to judge what other people do to their bodies and with their lives. We are all given a choice. It's not my place to judge a person for their choice.

Now before I completely stomp upon my soap box, I was scrolling through Facebook over the weekend and came upon this jewel of a picture.

My jaw dropped and my thoughts were "what the heck," (well maybe it was a little harsher than heck.

Is this country moving backward?

This picture was taken in the small town of Rush Springs, OK. Rush Springs is located in Grady County.  Its population is 1,231 give or take a few, and they pride themselves on being the "Watermelon Capital of the World."

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to Chickasaw Country description of Rush Springs, OK

Rush Springs has a tight knit and welcoming community. The town is best known for their Watermelon Festival, a beloved annual tradition held every second Saturday in August since 1948. The Watermelon Festival attracts thousands of visitors to this little town every year. To learn about the rich history of Rush Springs, stop by the Hampton House Museum on the main strip. Driving down Blakely Avenue, you will see a variety of delicious places to eat and cozy boutiques and shops to browse through.

However, they have a place in town where there is a wall of thoughts from whoever owns this building. This building is located on the corner of 2nd Street and Blakely Ave.

This picture might be offensive, so I'm warning you now. This picture was taken in July of 2022.

Photo Courtesy Michael Gilmore.
Photo Courtesy Michael Gilmore

If you look, at the building in April of 2021 some of the sentiments were present, but it looks as if it has escalated once we hit the year 2022.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here is the same building in June 2013. Nothing graced the side of this building.  It seems that the current 2022 business owners have used this as their political view platform.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Thanks to our constitutional right to free speech, this person has the right to post this on their building. As offensive, as it might be to some, it is their right.

But...dang, this is just bordering on crazy and some serious hate.  Think of the positivity this business owner could be sharing on his wall instead of what is showing.

I personally would much rather see a giant watermelon mural on the side of this building rather than what is currently showing.

In the meantime, enjoy some beautiful artwork.

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