On the morning of October 21st, a deadly crash took place in Oldham County, west of Vega near I-40, sadly resulting in two deaths. 

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, at 5:15 A.M. a 2021 Volvo truck tractor was traveling west off a frontage road off I-40. A 2007 Peterbilt was parked on this same road, with a truck-tractor-semi-trailer attached to it. The Peterbilt’s operator, a 42-year-old Amarillo resident, Scottie Dun was outside of his vehicle, attaching the semi-trailer to the tow truck. The operator of the Volvo, Shivinder Singh, a resident of Livermore, California had drifted onto the shoulder of the road for unknown reasons, striking Dun and the attached semi-truck before continuing west and flipping onto its side into a north ditch. By the time Oldham County Justice of the Peace, Kristy O’Malley, and other emergency responders arrived on the scene, it was too late.  Both Scottie Dun and Shivinder Singh, were pronounced dead on the scene.

After the incident, heavy traffic began to fill around the 1-mile mark west of the one-mile marker in Oldham county until emergency workers, who were still on the scene to clean up the wreakage. Around 11 A.M the wreckage was cleared, and traffic resumed to normal. 

Although the wreck and traffic cleared up relatively quickly after the wreck, the damage done to the families involved is irreparable. The Oldham County Chamber of Commerce and K3 Towing, Recovery, & Transport Inc. posted and reposted these statements on Facebook regarding the incident. 

K3 Towing, Facebook

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Information gathered from the Amarillo Police Department, Charley Project, TXDPS, and NAMUS.

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