Sad that once Halloween is over, all the festivities will be over as well? Do not fear because after Halloween begins the 2-day celebration of Día de Los Muertos or the Day of the Dead. On November 2nd, a Día de Los Muertos Art Show and Celebration will be held at Starlight Canyon Bed & Breakfast from 6  to 9:30 pm. There will be live music, taco trucks, traditional Mexican sweets and treats, folkloric dances, performances by local artists, art sales, and prizes for the best-dressed attendees.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the holiday, its origins, or its practices, allow me to catch you up.

Mixing indigenous and Catholic traditions, Día De Los Muertos is a two-day celebration, that allows families to remember relatives who have passed on. Creating what is known as "Ofrendas" families will place images of their loved ones, along with foods, drinks, or items that were important to the deceased family member.While the dead are given gifts and remembered, living family members will come together, and celebrate the lives of their loved ones, often engaging in festive activities.

One of the most prominent features included in the Día De Los Muertos tradition is that of skulls. Representing the relationship of death with this holiday, skeletons and skulls can be found in countless ways during Día De Los Muertos Celebrations. Some like to consume candy-shaped skulls, while others prefer to have a skull painted on their face. The stylistic designs of the skulls make for a beautiful and ever-present reminder of the importance of death to us all.

An overall beautiful holiday, even if you are not of Mexican heritage, Día De Los Muertos is a holiday to be celebrated by all, seeing death as an inevitable part of life that we all share. Whether you come for the art, the food, or the appreciation of the holiday, be sure to check out this celebration of death.

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