Dak Prescott is the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, at least for another year after signing his franchise tag contract worth just over $30 million. Get that long term deal done, Jerry. Dak is using that money to get out into the community, including helping to bridge the gap between the Dallas police and the community.

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Last Thursday night (June 25), Dak was dining at a Dallas steakhouse. 20 year veteran officer, Jaime Castro, was working security. Dak invited the officer to join him at the table to talk about his police work.

What did they discuss? Castro told WFAA,

He had some really good questions about police work and what he can do to unite the Dallas police department and the community of Dallas. He wants this to be a model for the entire nation.


We talked about the importance of counseling and making sure we have mentally stable officers because that's what the community deserves - a healthy, stable officer. One thing he thought was really important was having officers at schools. He remembered his officer who was at his school when he was growing up. His resource officer and him had a really good relationship and it meant a lot to him.

What else did they discuss? Well, Castro revealed that he is a Dallas Cowboys super fan. Castro said he hasn't missed a Cowboys home game in 23 years.

WFAA via Youtube
WFAA via Youtube

Yes, that's Castro's alter ego, Ballz Mahoney, that you've probably seen numerous times during a Cowboys game.

Dak has become a leader for the Dallas Cowboys and is becoming a leader in the Dallas community. Thank you Dak and thank you Jamie Castro for your service to the Dallas community.

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