The Dallas Cowboys will have their third appearance on HBO's Hard Knocks in August, and there is one big reason why it will be the best one yet.

Dak Prescott was signed to a multi-year deal in March, so his future is in Dallas and there is no danger that he will lose the job as the starting quarterback to anyone else.  Dak's $160-million, 4-year deal paid him a $66 million signing bonus and he'll earn an average of $42 million per year over the first three seasons.  Incredible.  And it's a huge vote of confidence after the horrific leg injury that he suffered last October, so good for Dak.

The starting quarterback situation may be tied down, but there are plenty of other things still up in the air for the Cowboys.  Like who will be the backup?  With the Hard Knocks cameras rolling, the backup quarterback situation will get national attention, and the drama will unfold with access that even reporters don't usually have.  HBO will talk to the players and capture footage of the practices with an amazingly candid approach that usually makes it feel like we're getting the private scoop on secret details that we shouldn't be getting.

The Cowboys asked on Twitter Friday who fans think should be the backup QB and posted an article by the team's sportswriters.  The choices are Garrett Gilbert, Ben DiNucci, and Cooper Rush.  Hmm.  Those aren't exactly household names now, but they might be after the HBO cameras are finished with them in August.  Garrett Gilbert was picked by the Los Angeles Rams in 2014 and seems to be the frontrunner so far.

The access we'll have watching the quarterback situation unfold on Hard Knocks will be intriguing, and you know other drama will ensue too.  There's Zeke.  And Jerry.  There will be jokes and pranks, and victories and disappointments before the season even begins.  This will be fun.

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