So I'm a shopper, I can openly and freely admit that. There's just something about the rush of going in a store, seeing things I like and purchasing them.

Sometimes I'm in a store for a very particular thing. Once I find it, I grab it, buy it and leave without giving it a second thought.

But I gotta tell ya something. I found the store in Amarillo that nearly took me out...and it was most unexpected.

Hobby Lobby, why did you have to do me like that? I just went in for a couple of frames and I nearly came out with half the store!

Hobby Lobby

We'll start with this. Doesn't look like much, right? It's a baseball holder...but it's BEAUTIFUL. See, I'm a big sports guy and have quite a few signed baseballs in my office here. Sure, they're in cases and they do their job, but something like this just enhances it SO MUCH. I picked it up, took a good look at it. $29.99...yeah, I don't want it THAT bad. That was when I saw the magical 50% off sign. Now, it's only $14.99. I can get 2 for 1, hmmmmm.

Hobby Lobby

Ok these just about did me in. I love vintage license plates, they're just so cool looking. Now Hobby Lobby throws these at me. Vintage style looking license plate letters that you can piece together and make it say WHATEVER YOU WANT! Each letter has a different look, so it makes it even cooler to put it all together. I start grabbing letters and building things out. So many things I want to piece together and spell. All of a sudden I've got like 16 of these letters in my hand. $2.49 per letter. Not bad, but with 16 of them getting a little pricey. Oh look! 50% off these letters! I gotta do it, right?

Hobby Lobby

I keep walking through the store to get my frames (that I haven't even made it to yet) and all of a sudden I see this. It's literally the perfect sign for me. The ultimate pressure situation in baseball. I can relate to this in a game and in life. It perfectly describes how I attack my life. Not only that, but both of my kids are baseball players. This would look PERFECT in their play room, right? But I gotta have it too for my office, so I'm gonna need 2 of them. I grab it, then there's a basketball analogy one behind it. I filter through the rest of them, crap, only 1 here. I put it back...but I can't stop thinking about it.

I finally get to the frames, grab the 2 I'm looking for and run out of there as fast as I can. Keep in mind, those were only a few of the things I saw that I've shared. There was way more...and they all had 40% or 50% signs in front of them. Hobby Lobby, the most unexpected dangerous store in Amarillo. I'll be back though...I think.

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