Borger, Texas is home to some of the most stunning works of art you'll ever see. Where, you ask? On dumpsters, of course. Yep, the city of Borger has been working hard to beautify its waste management system with the help of the Make Borger Beautiful Committee Volunteers.

Not unlike any other city in the panhandle, the City of Borger relies on dumpsters for most of its municipal waste management. And with so many of them scattered throughout public spaces like parks and along South Main Street, I think that the people of Borger would prefer a more "beautiful" looking scenery with these dumpsters included.

And that's where the Make Borger Beautiful Committee Volunteers come in. They've been working with the City's Public Works and Administration to beautify these dumpsters and make them a true work of art.

The objective is simple - to improve the appearance of public spaces, encourage interest and participation in art, and promote more responsible attitudes and behaviors towards waste management in the Borger community. With several hundred new dumpsters being purchased every year by the city, 18 of them have been specifically chosen for beautification.

And guess who will be in charge of the beautification of Borger's dumpsters?

Yep, Borger's citizens are being encouraged to participate in the beautification of these dumpsters by submitting their own designs. Make Borger Beautiful is hosting contests where design submissions are accepted and entered into a contest for cash prizes. And the best part? There's no age limit or minimum age requirement - anyone can participate!

The only rule is that the artist must be able to recreate their design on a dumpster. But don't worry about the cost of the paint - it's all supplied by the city. And you can pick any theme you want - as long as it's tasteful, of course.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your designs in person to City Hall at 600 N. Main Street (M-F 8AM-5PM) or email them to (just make sure to include your contact information and "Dumpster Art Contest" in the subject line).

Let's make Borger's dumpsters the most beautiful in the world!

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