So it seems like the leaders in Amarillo is doing all that they can to speed up the process of making Amarillo into a city with a "better" image.

In case you missed it, on February 14th the City of Amarillo council  voted 5-0 on an ordinance that will allow for the creation of a new branch of the city's building safety/health department, called the City Marshall's Office.

Sounds Pretty Normal Right?

Well, once you start to look into the semantics of what the duties of the  City Marshall's Office will be, things start to get iffy.

According to the ordinance itself, the City Marshall's Office will  "enforce certain specified health and safety laws, code enforcement, traffic, and building safety regulations without the necessity, delay, and cost of summoning a health sanitation officer, code enforcement officer"

The justification to create a department that can enforce health, safety, traffic, and many other walls? Speed, efficiency, and budget reasons.

CityofAmarillo, Youtube
CityofAmarillo, Youtube

Although an argument can be made for why this needed to be passed, the guidelines, duties, and freedoms that this will give to Amarillo law enforcement seem a bit concerning.

attachment-Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 7.52.42 PM

Off of what criteria will the City Marshall's Office act on when it comes to enforcing regulations? Would it be left up to an individual officer's "interpretation" of city health and safety codes now that they don't need health and sanitation officers? And what levels of force will be deemed necessary in the enforcement of these codes?

I could just be overspeculating but this entire thing just seems "off"

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