Father's day is fast approaching and you may be hurting for ideas for dad.  Being a father myself here is my quick list of things that are tops for me on the big day.

1. Body Elegance Massage

Start dad's big day off with a gift certificate to any of the fine massage providers in Amarillo. For example hook Dad up with a massage and relaxation day at Body Elegance. An hour long massage can really change a persons outlook onlife. Especially when Dad is super stressed out, a deep tissue massage can really melt the stress away!

2. Academy Sports & Outdoors

Take dad to Academy Sports or any big sports and outdoor store. Every Dad enjoys browsing around a good sporting goods store. I can spend hours walking through and checking out all the fishing and camping equipment. Academy is well known for their great sales on shoes and clothes as well, so if Dad is wearing a funky pair of shoes around, then you have a way to fix that too! From a knife to a gun to a new hunting outfit you'll find something for me, I mean dad at Academy Sports and Outdoors.

3. Outback Steakhouse

After you're all outfitted with new gear dad will be hungry. What's more fun than a family dinner out with Dad? I know, a family dinner out to honor the "Best Dad" ever!  I'd suggest Outback Steakhouse for a big medium-well steak.  A bloomin' onion for starters will show dad how much you love him. Just make sure that you get there early or try to reserve a table because they will be packed on Father's Day.

4. United Artists Theatre

Just go in to Dad and ask him "Whatcha wanna see at the movies" and I can guarantee that you will get a big smile out of him! At United Artists Theaters there are plenty of movies out there and there is nothing more fun than to  spend some quality time with Dad inside a dark cool movie theater.  You should pick up the popcorn seeing how it costs 38 bucks theses days.  Click here to check out movie times in the Amarillo area.

5. Good Karma Cigars

The perfect Father's Day for me would end up at Good Karma Cigars.  Good Karma is a little place at Polk & 12th.  It's a house that's been converted into the best spot to have a cigar in the Panhandle.  After all those activities Dad would appreciate a good smoke. Make Dad's special day a perfectly rounded experience and send him to a place where he can relax and reflect on his amazing kids.

Take the all, take one or none those are my top five ways to a super Father's Day.  Now if anybody that loves me is reading I'm set.