There's a lot of drama going on in the world today. It seems like the stress of 2020 has people going at each other more than ever. There's an app you can download to your phone that let's you step back from all of that, and get the good feelings that come with helping someone.

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The app is called, Be My Eyes. The premise is simple. You install the app, and help blind or low-vision persons with an issue they are having.

The individual needing help is connected to a volunteer on a video call, and together they communicate and solve the problem. It's brilliantly simple.

According to their website, there are over 3 million volunteers. There is almost 250,000 low-vision or blind users needing help.

It's in over 150 countries, and 180 languages. They even have a partnership with Microsoft to offer customer service.

I downloaded the app, and have yet to received my first call. The signup process is pretty standard. It asks for your name, an email address, and a password. Pretty simple.

Once you've created your account, and activated it through a link emailed to you, you're set up.

This is where the wait begins as a volunteer. While you wait for your first call, they have podcasts and stories for you to check out. Plus, there is information you can go over to help you prep for that first call.

For more information, check out the Be My Eyes website by following this link.

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