Sad news from the Amarillo Zoo over the weekend. Officials with the zoo announced the passing of long time zoo favorite Sabrina the tiger. Her 16 year life is well beyond the average 8-10 year lifespan her wild counterparts would face in the wild.

The Amarillo Zoo stated that she was humanely euthanized Friday afternoon after long battles with aggressive carcinomas one recently removed last week and a prior in November last year. She had also had her left eye removed in 2018 due to a glaucoma.

The Amarillo Zoo does have another tiger Savannah. Tigers are the largest members of the feline family with the Bengal subspecies weighing in from 350 to almost 600 lbs. with an average height of 3 feet at the shoulders and 8 feet in length. Their native habitats include the Eastern Indian subcontinent as well as areas of Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar(Burma)

Sabrina would have turned 17 at the end of the month. a large online tribute has already started on the Zoo's social media channels.


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