So it's no secret that I am in love with food trucks, and to be more specific I am in love with Amarillo's food trucks.

I mean there's just something about them that I absolutely love in comparison to traditional restaurants. When it comes to getting good, authentic food you really can't go wrong when it comes to food trucks.

If I had one bone to pick with Amarillo's food trucks there would be one thing tho.....

That would be the fact that they are just so hard to find sometimes. I mean seriously, finding out that a particularly good food truck exists and then trying to locate them outside of large events or gatherings can definitely be a hassle.

And while I can't pinpoint where every food truck is, I can definitely bring them to your knowledge and give you my opinion on them.

So consider this my first step in my quest to bring more Amarillo food trucks into the spotlight.

I present to you the first publication of Amarillo Street Food Surprises and today I will be reviewing a local BBQ truck that goes by the name of Rockin J BBQ.

So How Was The Food

Sarah Clark, TSM
Sarah Clark, TSM

Let me tell you that when it comes to BBQ these guys and their food come in swinging. After trying a sampler plate I could tell right away that these guys prioritize the preparation of their brisket in and of itself.

When eaten without any toppings, the brisket leaves you with a dry, smoky texture which can be good if you want to decorate your meal with BBQ sauce, because when added to the meal it definitely brings a much-needed flavor into the mix but may not be the best thing if you do not plan on adding the BBQ sauce onto your brisket and are looking for taste.

The BBQ sauce provided in addition to the meal is essential to the brisket, and rightfully so. It is just the right amount of sweetness and doesn't feel too thick and does the exact job that you would expect BBQ sauce to do which is to add another layer of flavor to the meat.

The sides like the potato salad and the jalapeno poppers knocked it out of the park, offering unique but extremely familiar takes on classic sides that you would find at a barbeque. The sides like the mac n cheese may need a little more of a cheesy taste, but it still held up thanks to the bacon bits.

Overall the experience and food were both good. There were some spots for improvement like the taste of the brisket without sauce, and the cheesiness of the mac n cheese but none of these shortcomings come close to overshadowing this BBQ truck's strengths.

My Score: 


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