We've seen a lot of businesses in Texas and around the country begin to either close their doors or significantly cut back on staff lately. The last couple of years have been very difficult for a myriad of reasons.

Rising costs at restaurants, increased operational costs at businesses. One industry that was seemingly weathering the storm was airlines.

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Well no more because the airline industry is about to undergo a bit of a shakeup. Recently, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines both reported losses in the first quarter of 2024 forced them to take a look at operations.

While we haven't heard plans about what American is planning on doing, Southwest has spoken up, and it directly affects travelers in Texas.


After losing $231 million in Q1, Southwest Airlines has said they are going to immediately limit hiring and said it expects they will end the year with a stunning 2,000 fewer employees working for the carrier.

The airline believes the jobs lost will be handled through normal attrition and believe they can do it without layoffs or a furlough.


Southwest also announced that with the limited hiring and less employees, they will stop flying to several airports around the country. This is a major thing as the airline hasn't pulled out of any airports since 2019.

Cozumel in Mexico, Syracuse, New York, and Bellingham, Washington will watch Southwest exit their airports in August and won't have any flights going through them after August.


Well, that's where the fourth airport comes in. Southwest announced the other airport that will no longer have Southwest running through it is George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. Now this doesn't mean you won't be able to fly Southwest in Houston.

The main part of their operation there is actually at Hobby Airport, and they have no plans to exit there.

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